This website is a page to congregate everything I make in one website. It's mostly just a fun web development exercise because I suddenly missed it. I think this site is pretty up to my standards at least. I just wanted to make clicky stuffs and an actual site for my UTAU. Yes, I do care enough about him to make him an actual website. I just needed the energy to do so.

If you want to know more about this website just cope- I mean inspect element it. Have fun looking at decrepit code!

Fun fact: The ^ at the top right of the page should make you scroll to the top immediately.

About me

Hi! I am UtaUtaUtau. People just call me Uta. I am a Filipino bitch from My house, Philippines. I make vocalsynth stuff because I like singing robots! I use the synths UTAU, SynthV and NEUTRINO the most. I have used VOCALOID, DeepVocal and NNSVS before, but not as frequently.

I also make plugins for UTAU and maybe some scripts for SynthV Pro. I generally just want to make my life easier when using these synths so who am I to gatekeep these tools for myself? Anyway, I also have an UTAU. Everything's in this website. Literally.

I also draw art but this site is not an art portfolio so... just follow me on Twitter if you wanna see that. I have done music as well, I guess. It's just rearranges or remixes but it's whatever.


01/01/2022 12:07 PM GMT+8: Made the folder for this website.

01/02/2022 03:30 PM GMT+8: Started coding the website.

01/05/2022 10:42 PM GMT+8: Finalized the website. THANK YOU JESUS. AAA!

01/07/2022 11:40 PM GMT+8: Added MIDIs/SVPs tab. Added a different monospace font for this specific thing.

01/23/2022 08:32 PM GMT+8: Added About me.

04/18/2022 12:50 AM GMT+8: Updated AviUtl scripts.

04/24/2022 01:24 AM GMT+8: Added Deshi Toki Pona.

05/08/2022 01:15 AM GMT+8: Changed all links to MEGA direct links because Bitly hates synthesis.

05/24/2022 06:29 PM GMT+8: Added NNSVS HED Writer.

05/27/2022 09:34 PM GMT+8: Added ENUNU Timing Corrector.